Thank you for your encouragement, it motivates me to keep writing!

Coraelle's essays are wonderful and engaging for the young and old. The wide range of vocabulary and the great storyline help to enhance the stories she has written. Continue to be amused by Coraelle's essays!

Lee Pei En ... HPPS 2021

Coraelle is my best friend and I really love her essays and short stories. Not only are they are they very detailed but also very interesting and amusing! I also really love her wide range of vocabulary! I'm sure aspiring young writers will be inspired by her essays and short stories! I'm extremely proud to be the best friend of such a great and talented writer. 😀

Claire Cheong ... HPPS 2021


Jessie ... Stay home mum

coraelle is super funny and her essays and short stories have adventure, thrill and a tinge of humor. i love reading all of her writings when i'm down as they get me back up and happy again as i laugh along with the characters, get the adrenaline rush and so many more things.

liz ... henry park primary school 2021

Coraelle's stories are amazing. It never fails to amuse me whenever I read them.

Nadja Ng ... HPPS 2021

Coraelle’s words have always been able to clutch my attention and curiosity. They have made me laugh many times! She writes such interesting little stories, with a simple but effective charm.

Fei ... HPPS 2021

Coraelle is a really outgoing girl who you can always approach! She's also amazing at sports and her academics too! It's great to be her friend 🙂

Phoebe Tan ... HPPS 2021



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